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At Pacific Coast Post Acute, we take pride in offering quality healthcare you can trust. As a 149 bed facility with Medicare and Medical certification, we strive to make your stay a cherished experience. We offer Rehabilitation 7 days a week with a full range of nursing services including 24- hour nursing care and so much more. It’s our mission to provide excellence in clinical care and services with trust and respect.  


Pacific Coast Post Acute Nursing services consist of an interdisciplinary team approach focused on the individual needs of our patients and residents. At Pacific Coast Post Acute we pride ourselves on delivering quality care each and every day to those patients and residents we are privileged to serve.


Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy provided in a comfortable, caring, and safe environment.

Skilled Nursing

Our highly capable nurses closely monitor condition changes and progress ensuring a fast recovery.

Social Services

Social services provide essential information, manages requests and concerns, coordinates appointments maintain contact, and open communication between the facility, families, patients, and the residents, and helps in care for each patient.


A positive and uplifting atmosphere is vital to the success of healing, recovery and rehabilitation. Pacific Coast Post Acute employs outgoing and friendly professional staff to create social activities to fit our patients needs. Friends and family are always welcome to visit and attend our events.


Pacific Coast Post Acute understands the importance of facilities to a healthy environment, so we provide wifi and cable access, healthy nutrition, transportation, and insurance facilities.

Guest Feedback

5 stars isn't enough for the quality care Pacific Coast has given my grandmother and our family alike since she has been admitted to their facility. They have gone above and beyond to make sure she is comfortable. Pacific Coast continues to keep our family up to date on her progress/daily status. She is in great hands. The facility is beautiful (my son loves watching the birds in the office while we visit). I would highly recommend Pacific Coast to anyone needing care for themselves/ their loved ones. They put their patients needs and beliefs first. Thank you so much!!!
Shelby H
Way back 2010 when I step-in to this facility Pacific Coast Post Acute, My 1st Job as Certified Nursing Assistant. They opened new opportunities and widen up my perspective. Working in graveyard shift was difficult and unhealthy but with the help of my co-worker and nurses, we built Teamwork. "ability to work together towards a common vision." Im gratified that until now Im still working here. Our Management provided healthy workplace, always valued their employees. Our Facilities show that we have strict standard that provides care and service to our patients. Clean environment defines that we nurture our patients into healthful environment. Our goal is to make our patients satisfied and pleasant. Our Mission is very clear that we want to provide excellent service in clinical care with trust and respect.
Joanne G
Our grandmother was discharged from the hospital directly to this facility and our family has had to suddenly learn about care options, rehab needs, etc. We are a large, close family and have all been in to visit Grandma often. We are feeling assured and grateful because none of us have found our grandmother with anything but the best care. She and her room is clean. The staff treats her, as well as us, with sincere care and professionalism. I personally have met two therapists and they were both wonderful. We are, of course, worried and sad about our Grandmother's health and well-being, but everything we are experiencing with her at PCPA has been very comforting.
Lindsay B

Frequently Asked Question

We always welcome visitors. Our standard visiting hours are 8am to 8pm. If however, you need to visit outside the typical visiting hours please be considerate of other patients during these times.

We encourage children to visit, however, we ask you to alert the charge nurse to anyone visiting the facility under the age 12 and all visitors must follow clinical protocol (when a patient is in isolation) to keep all our patients safe.

You may reserve our courtyard for any special event (birthday, holidays, meals) in advance with our front desk.

Contact Us

Pacific Coast Post Acute

720 East Romie Lane Salinas, CA 93901 United States

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Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy are aimed at improving communicative abilities and cognitive functioning. Our speech-language pathologist works with patients who have communication disorders. Through evaluation, a tailored plan of care is created. Our therapists will provide 

treatments in the areas of speech, voice, fluency, and swallowing.

Physical Therapy

Pacific Coast Post Acute Skilled Nursing has an excellent physical therapy team that treats health-related conditions, illnesses, or injuries that limit patientsʼ abilities to move and perform functional activities of daily living. Physical Therapy includes muscle strengthening and retraining, transfer techniques, stair climbing, training in the use of prosthetics, gait training, and adaptive equipment training. Our ultimate goal is to restore the highest level of functional independence to each individual.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy team works hand-in-hand with physicians and surgeons to ensure that our patients reach their highest level of independence. Occupational therapists(OTs) work with patients who suffer from disabling conditions by developing an individualized care plan that improves basic motor functions and reasoning abilities. OTs provide customized interventions to improve individualsʼ ability by providing treatment programs that may include: range of motion and strengthening exercises, functional ergonomics, and/or use of modalities to decrease pain and swelling.

Post Stroke Rehabilitation

Our experienced team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists work closely with individuals who are recovering from a stroke. While rehabilitation does not “cure” or reverse brain damage that may have occurred from a stroke, rehabilitation is vital in reducing further 

brain injury and maximizing patient recovery. With motivation and social support from our staff, the primary goal of stroke recovery is to prevent secondary health complications, minimizing impairments, and achieving functional goals that promote independence.

Wound Care

We are proud to offer extensive wound care by our team of treatment nurses. We have specialized wound care nurses who work directly with our nursing staff to organize and conduct weekly wound care rounds for patient consultation and follow up to ensure that wounds are properly cared for and promote maximum healing potential.

24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care

We are proud to offer qualified, experienced nursing care to our residents whether your stay is short or long term. We have registered nurses, licensed practical(vocational) nurses, as well as certified nurse assistants available 24 hours a day to ensure that your skilled nursing needs are met.

Social Services

Our Social Services Directors are resident advocates who seek to improve the quality of life and well being of each resident by helping residents cope with emotional, social, and medical healthcare needs. They facilitate care conferences, support groups, and provide counseling services for residents and family members.


At Pacific Coast Post Acute, the psychological well being of each resident is very important to us. We offer an ongoing program, 7 days a week, to meet the interests of each resident through physical and mental activities. Some examples of activities offered include social gatherings, musical guests, arts 

and crafts, exercise classes, and intellectual discussions. Our activities calendar changes monthly with new activities added accordingly. We strive to provide interactive and fun activities where everyone can participate. Our activities department and nursing staff motivate residents by reminding, encouraging, and escorting them to the group activities of their choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We always welcome visitors. Our standard visiting hours are 8am to 8pm. If however, you need to visit outside the typical visiting hours please be considerate of other patients during these times.

We suggest using the common areas of the facility to meet with your loved one. If it is not possible to visit in one of the common areas, we suggest a limit of two people in a resident room at one time.

You may reserve our courtyard for any special event (birthday, holidays, meals) in advance with our front desk.

We encourage children to visit, however, we ask you to alert the charge nurse to anyone visiting the facility under the age 12 and all visitors must follow clinical protocol (when a patient is in isolation) to keep all our patients safe.

Pets can be a good source of therapy and we welcome this positive experience when appropriate. Please talk to us if you feel this would help your loved one. Pet shot records are required and kept on file.

Physicians generally see patients within 24-48 hours upon admission and once every 30 days thereafter. However, our nursing professionals are in constant contact with all of the physicians that visit the facility. Some insurance companies require that physicians visit more often. Check with our nursing staff for further information.

Patients may have a leave of absence only with MD authorization, which can be arranged through nursing staff. The resident or responsible party upon arrival and departure must sign the LOA (leave of absence) book, located at the nursing stations.

Definitely. Mail is delivered to patients personally on a daily basis except for weekends and holidays.

Pacific Post-Acute
Attn:                    Room No.       
1323 17th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

For the safety and welfare of all patients and staff, Pacific Post-Acute is a non-smoking facility.

We always want our patients to be comfortable; if space permits, small personal items from the resident’s home are always welcome.

Bed linens, hospital gowns and towels are provided and laundered by the facility. If you would prefer to do laundry for your loved one, please inform the charge nurse/social services designee.

We have a beautician available every 2 weeks. Please contact our Social Service designee or stop by the front desk to set up an appointment. Payment for all services is made in advance or at the Beauty Shop during appointments.

Unfortunately, finding parking in Santa Monica is never easy. We have several parking spots for guests and visitors in the rear of the building and other available street parking access is first come first serve.

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